Homemade Lemon Pudding Cake

Ever since I was a kid, our family always had this weekend gathering with some of our close family friends as well as conduct a gathering just simply to bond. We had a dessert almost every night and over the weekend. My mom is fond of serving lots of treats from various box mixes and of all the treats, my all time favourite is the Lemon Cake with Creamy Filling. It seems like nowadays, no one ever heard about this recipe or even can buy the mix anymore.

It was one boring afternoon, and I couldn't remember the day when I saw a home-made version of Lemon Pudding Cake on a certain website, and fortunately tried it out due to curiosity. Ohh!.. Baking it brought back a lot of great memories during my childhood days. My instinct told me that it would have a good output when it comes to taste and that it is much better than a box mix. The one I made was lighter and more heavenly than I remembered! *love your own*.

This dessert is quite a straight forward preparation and is firstly done by whipping the eggs into small dishes together until it is foamy. Adding the cup of sugar while continuously beating it until glossy. You can visit the link below or simply check out "Grandmother's Kitchen" website for the list of ingredients as well as the instructions on how to bake it.

Serve your Lemon Cake after 10 minutes, and you might just feel like you're craving for more as you taste it. I'm not into baking cause I am only good in eating, but this recipe makes me want to bake more over the weekend. I bet you should try this at your home and invite your friends for some food taste too.

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