Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken

Would you like to have the perfect recipe for chicken that will turn out great every time? Try out this Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken ! This recipe is not only amazingly delicious, but, it is amazingly simple to make as well. These kinds of recipes are the ones you want to remember for weeknights when you are just beat after a long day, or you have people coming for dinner, but don't want to make a big fuss over making a huge meal. Everyone will love this chicken dish, even those who don't particularly like spice, because it is nice and sweet with just a hint of spice, so it's not too overly spicy, just with a nice subtle heat. Sriracha is such a popular sauce all on it's own, and if you love hot sauce, and have never has sriracha, then you must try it! This spicy and savoury sauce is perfect for so many things. It is an Asian hot sauce that you see in many North American restaurants. Usually people use it on spring rolls, in pho soups, or vermicelli noodle bowls, on chicken wings, on pizza, submarine sandwiches, and much more! Well now you can even use it in a marinade for your chicken! Fabulous!

There was talk about the Sriracha manufacturing plant in California shutting down for good though, and it did shut down for a little bit, but I am not sure if it has reopened or not. The reason it was going to get shut down was because the fumes from all of the chilis cooking was causing problems for the people who lived in the neighbouring communities. People began having respiratory issues and their eyes were stinging because of the strong fumes. So people who really love this sriracha sauce went berserk! They thought that the sauce was never going to be sold again! So some people even started making their own, or buying it in big batches.

You can have this chicken ready to put on the grill whenever you want it, since you can marinate it for only an hour, or overnight if you wish! That way, if you are preparing it for a BBQ, you can marinate it over night and have it ready for whenever you start grilling up the meat. Saving you time so you can tend to other things you need to get ready or do in the day before guests arrive. The longer it can sit, the better it will be! The leftover sauce is even used as a nice glaze, to coat the chicken and to give it a nice saucy flavour, with all of that nice honey and spicy sriracha sauce and then garnished with orange zest and green onions. Sounds so good doesn't it? It would pair well with some asparagus perhaps, or a nice, fresh cucumber salad and some rice. Something very simple and not too over powering since the sauce on the chicken is already very flavourful.

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