Make Your Own Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

A firepit would be such a great idea to have during summer nights in your own backyard. You can spend your night with your friends inviting them to come over and have a chit-chat or some serious conversation. It is also a good place for group meetings or team building. With your special one, your night will be so memorable together, sitting at night in front of the dazzling fire while staring at a star filled sky. You can as well do it alone every night, just mesmerizing. But not every one of us can have our own firepit. Some may think it will cost them more to build one as it requires stones or bricks and some big space on your backyard. Donít you know that you can have your own without spending much, and you can build it for a deck area? Here are some ways you can make your firepit. This Adirondack Fire Bowl will let you enjoy the night without causing much expenses and space.

You only need to have a fire bowl, two-by-two's and lumber for your structure. You can make your own shape of your DYI Adirondack Fire Bowl Table. The one pictured here is in the shape of a hexagon.

As for making fire, do not create a roaring fire as if you are making a bonfire on the beach. Remember, your table is made of wood, so make fire that is good enough to keep you warm without worries. The best source of fire you can use is Eco Logs cut in half, so they do not get too hot. These logs do not create big flame or hot sparks flying outside the bowl. You can as well add citronella to keep mosquitoes away.

With these simple tips, you can enjoy your summer nights with special people around you.

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