The Enormous Chair

There is something so warm and welcoming about wooden patio furniture. It may be old and weathered to that glorious grey tone that only happens after years of exposure to sun and rain or it may be new and glistening with a fresh coat of varnish. Either way, wooden furniture evokes a sense of nostalgic comfort that is hard to match. Perhaps it takes us back in time to an era where handcrafted items were the only choice, a time when we didn't have the container ships polluting our air to bring us cheap and tacky furniture that is placed in a store and sold for way too much money. Whatever your reasoning for being moved by wooden furniture, we get it!

This enormous chair is handcrafted from reclaimed lumber and speaks to the eco-terrorist in each of us. The pure size of this chair gives a presence on the patio or in as an interior conversation piece. It's bold, hard lines showcase a contemporary flare born from original west coast materials. The marriage between contemporary and comfort is always a challenging relationship but once mastered it is an art form that comes to life much like a beautiful piece of music.

The web will be your friend if you're looking for other similarly inspired pieces of furniture. However, here we've focused only on the beauty of this one enormous chair. The challenge is always to find furnishings that speak to you personally, your home should present all the best, most colorful parts of your personality.

Local artisans are everywhere and their work can often reflect your personality with a touch of community and a splash of concern for our planet. Why not try to find some of these masterpieces in your area? Perhaps during your travels you can add to your growing collection and your home can grow to be a display of the people and places that touch you personally.

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