Multifunction Coffee Table With Slide Out Storage Built from Euro Pallets

Good news for coffee lovers out there! This euro pallet-made multifunctional coffee table with storage by Dirkdeus is the next thing the DIY guy may want to build. *winks* I would make one next week, even though I'm not a coffee lover. *silence* Well, who says this is only for coffee lovers?! This is just so perfect; I’d love to have it as my study table. *winks* Anyway, before we talk about other things instead, we'll familiarize ourselves with the main material used in building this multifunctional table: the euro pallets. “What are Euro pallets?”Exactly. That’s what we are going to find out here, my friend.

Euro pallets are the “standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL).” According to Wikipedia, the E-pallet is 1200×800×144 mm. This pallet is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. There are four types of Euro pallets depending on the size: EUR 1 or a whole pallet, EUR 2, EUR 3, and EUR 6. The history of Euro pallets dates back from the 1960’s when the European railways decide to “commission the standardization of a common pallet type under the auspices of the UIC.” The Svensson Brothers of Gyllsjö, Skåne in Sweden are believed to have invented these pallets. Euro pallets are controlled by European Pallet Association, and they are in-charge of the damage repairs and the removal of old pallets from the pool.

Well, this article is incomplete without me telling the advantages of euro pallets. According to Compliance Packaging International’s website, euro pallets have a great consumer value for importers. “They can forward them on directly to customers, or exchange them for newly reconditioned euro pallets.” Also, euro pallets are traceable. They have genuine markings on them. Any counterfeited markings will go under prosecution in Europe. “Users as well as authorities can request inspection of any suspect euro pallets.”

So much for euro pallet info. Now is the time for us to make this multifunctional coffee table! For directions, just click Instructables’ website below. Enjoy drinking your coffee with it! *winks*

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