Nutella Cupcakes

Are you a Nutella addict? Looking for a tasty treat for your kids? Want a simple dessert recipe? Look no further because you are in the right spot. We have here a simple yet delicious recipe that suits your Nutella cravings and other things you might have in mind. Be ready for this recipe will change your life and make you the happiest person alive on the planet because this amazing with this recipe is that it has only three ingredients. Yes, you got it right!

As we all know you look forward to dessert, that lovely sweet course that concludes a meal whether it is lunch or dinner. There is variety of desserts that are popular today such as cakes, brownies, tarts, pies, biscuits, custards and so many more. Different cultures around the world have their own variation of the desserts that we know.

Nutella is the famous brand name of the Italian sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread. It is manufactured by the Italian company named Ferrero and was introduced in the market in 1964. Nutella is not just a typical sandwich spread but also a very ideal ingredient to use in brownies and cupcakes as it already contains fat, milk and chocolate plus hazelnuts. You won’t find the hazelnuts though, just the flavor. These are the things that you would normally add to the traditional brownie or cupcake recipe. Such an amazing ingredient this is!

These brownies are so easy to make. Imagine for 30 minutes, you have yourself an amazing treat! What could you ask for more? These are perfect to satisfy your sweetest craving.

What are you waiting for? Try this one now! Please visit “Instructables” website below to get the full list of ingredients and instructions on this tasty Nutella treat.

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