Oh NO! A Bad Hair Dye! But Wait...Her Simple Solution Was The Dish Soap Under Her Kitchen Sink

Oh NO! A Bad Hair Dye! But Wait...Her Simple Solution Was Under Her Kitchen Sink. When you think of liquid dishwashing soap, you usually think of the dishes. But you will never look at natural dish soap again after looking at this list of cleaning solutions and ideas for the cleaning product most everyone has sitting in their kitchen sink. Organic dish soap works great at cleaning the dishes, but when you think outside of the box, you can use this simple cleaning solution to do a whole lot more.

For starters, it should come as no surprise that organic dish soap can be used for a lot of your home cleaning projects. You can use dish soap for mopping the floors by adding a few drops of dish soap to a bucket of water. You can also use natural dish soap for surface cleaning. There is no need to buy special cleaning solutions to use on your countertops and walls. Just add a few drops of natural dish soap to warm water and scrub them clean. You can also use liquid dishwashing soap to clean your stainless steel appliances. You can save money on having to buy stainless steel cleaner by using water and dish soap instead. When using dish soap, be mindful of wiping with the grain. Natural dish soap can also be used to get your kitchen cabinets clean again. Liquid dishwashing soap helps get grease and spills off your cabinets, as it's such a good grease fighter. A few drops in a bucket of hot water should work fine. You can also use organice dish soap for your laundry. For grease stains rub some dish soap on the spot and let it sit overnight before washing as you normally would. To wash delicates use a tablespoon of dish soap in a sink of warm water to hand wash delicate clothing.

You can use natural dish soap for some of your beauty tricks. Dish soap can be used for washing your hair, especially if you are having a greasy hair day. Try washing your hair with dish soap and follow up with your regular shampoo. Organic dish soap can also help remedy your home hair color if you've gone a bit too dark. You can use dish soap to lighten up a shade or two. Organic dish soap can help with oily skin just like it helps with greasy dishes. You want to use a mild, non-scented dish soap and don't use it every day or you'll dry yourself out. A great DIY project using liquid dishwashing soap is diy ice packs. Fill a freezer bag with some dish soap and freeze it to create your ice pack. It stays frozen longer than water and can be re-frozen. These are great for use in lunchboxes. These thin ice packs also work great in lunch boxes. You can also use liquid dishwashing soap to help trap those pesky fruit flies. Mix two or three drops of liquid dishwashing soap in a bowl of white vinegar and leave it on your kitchen counter or table. The white vinegar attracts the fruit flies, and the soap will keep them from flying out of the water. Liquid dishwashing soap also works at getting rid of ants and roaches. Just pour a teaspoon of dish soap into a spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way with water. Spray the mixture on the ants and roaches to kill them almost instantly.

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