Pasta with Peas

Pasta with peas is a simple dish and great way to incorporate a vegetable protein into your next meal. The pasta with peas recipe is also a nice variation on the typical pasta with tomato sauce recipe.

Peas are one of those vegetables that we all seem to have shoved at the back of our freezers, just sitting there, waiting to be used. But how does one take this little green pea and transform it into a dish that isnít just green peas on a plate? For me, I will not eat peas on their own. I donít what it is, its just not appealing to me whatsoever. So, what my mother used to do, is cook rice and add a cup of frozen green peas, and then just before serving us, drizzle a little bit of olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and some freshly cracked pepper. Mmm. This seemed to be ok to eat as a child. And I still make this dish from time to time, even modified it a bit. Like my green pea risotto dish. This was something I whipped together one evening when my fridge was literally empty. Rice, green peas, stock, parmesan cheeseÖ basic and pretty much staple ingredients that most have us have lying around. And when combined together in the right way, wow, you can create a 4-star restaurant meal!! Really.

For those of you who prefer pasta over rice, no worries. The same can be done and its really amazing how this green little pea can shine and be the star of the dish. So next time you are planning what to make for dinner, open up your freezer, reach way back, and take those peas out! Theyíre a great source of protein, healthy fiber, good for your heart, anti-inflammatory and full of phytonutrients. There are lots of vitamins and minerals packed into these sweet little peas, so donít be shy to use them!

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This pasta with peas recipe requires simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand. You will need some small cut pasta, some peas fresh is best is best if you have it, some fresh parsley, an onion and some extra virgin olive oil. You will also need some salt. That's it! Nice and simple, fresh ingredients. Boil some water in a pot, and start by chopping up the onion. Then let the water and the onion boil for about thirty minutes. The next step will be to add the peas, and let boil for another ten minutes. Then add the fresh parsley and salt (the salt is optional). Then you will want to boil water in another pot, so you can boil the pasta separate from the peas, once the pasta is cooked to how you like it, you can add it to the peas. Mix the peas and the pasta well, and then drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil, and enjoy. You will really notice the dish if the peas are fresh, they will have more of a bit and just taste better overall.

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