Raspberry and White Chocolate Mascarpone Tart

The dessert recipe "Raspberry and White Chocolate Mascarpone Tart," looks as good as it sounds! Anything with berries is just naturally delicious, whether it be strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries.

This raspberry and white chocolate mascarpone tart recipe is simply sweet, and doesn't need much added to it, as the raspberries are naturally delicious. Placing them on a light cheese tart with just a drizzle of chocolate ganache is all you need for the perfect dessert. What makes this cheesecake recipe even better is the fact that it is no bake, it doesn't get much better than that! The mascarpone cheese in this cheesecake recipe is so much lighter and less cheesy tasting than traditional cream cheese, adding it to whipped cream gives the filling a perfectly firm texture while still being light as air. A tip for this dessert recipe is using a nine inch spring form pan, so you can make this recipe more of a thin tart style. You could also use several mini tart tins for individual tarts, for the cutest raspberry and white chocolate mascarpone tarts for guests. The raspberries and dark chocolate in this cheesecake recipe has to be the best coupling ever! The ingredients you will need for the crust recipe include chocolate wafer crumbs, canola oil and granulated sugar. To prepare the crust, combine all the crust ingredients well. Press into bottom and slightly up sides of a nine inch spring form pan. Refrigerate.

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Raspberries are grown for the fresh fruit market and for commercial processing into individually quick frozen fruit, purées, juicees, or as dried fruit used in a variety of grocery products. Traditionally, raspberries were a midsummer crop, but with new technology, cultivars, and transportation, they can now be obtained yearround. Raspberries need ample sun and water for optimal development. As a cultivated plant in moist, temperate regions, it is easy to grow and has a tendency to spread unless pruned.

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