Reclaimed Wood is a FREE Way to DIY Your Next Project

Reclaimed wood is great to use for your next project. There are so many sources to find wood, from shipping pallets that you can find or get for free at the dockyard, or even to scavenge the country side for old buildings and find old barn wood, as this weathered wood isn't something you can just buy from a lumber yard. If you find some old leaning buildings or ones that have fallen down, be aware that these may belong to someone and you should probably ask permission before taking the wood. Additionally, if you are hunting for falling down buildings, be careful as some are unstable and could be dangerous to explore. The last thing you want is to get injured from falling beams or stumble and fall and get hurt - and these old barns are usually in remote areas so it is wise to be safe. But if you are looking for "rustic-wood finishes" you can basically just use the barn wood in the state you found it in, but you must first look to make sure there are no nails or metal in the wood (it is after all, reclaimed). You can easily make shelves or nail a few hooks or screws into a board and use the wood in its weathered patina for "rustic-chic".

Another source of wood, is dead wood - like logs from trees that have been struck by lightning, killed by bugs like beetles or blown down by the wind. Logs can be hollowed out and used as-is for log planters in the garden or to make raised garden beds and even a perimeter fence. Reclaimed wood can be used just about anywhere in your house, from flooring to stairs, and the kitchen or doors - even the bedroom for a headboard! Best of all, it is natural and it is using pieces that would probably end up in a landfill or dump - instead it is being re-purposed and used in your home or garden. Another interesting part is the adventures you get to go on to find your wood. From walks in the forest or along the beach, to drives in the countryside and walks through meadows or pastures, this sounds like a great way to get some healthy outdoor living as well as get inspired to make your next project for your home. Wonderful Woodworking has some great ideas and tips for your next reclaimed woodworking project!

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