Red Storage Container Is Turned Into A Tiny Home

A big red storage container may look like it's just steel box from the outside, but on the inside, it's actually a home. This storage container was turned into a lovely tiny house with some innovation and imagination. The only way you'd know that this is a house is the fact that there's a door on one side and some nice potted plants and a patio set in front making it look a bit homier and welcoming. Otherwise, it just looks like a steel container much like the ones you see being used for storage containers. Using these units for storage containers has become a popular way to recycle and reuse. Someone will just park a bunch of them in rows on a plot of fenced-in land and rent them out monthly to people for a fee. Usually, a container will cost a person about $100 per month to store their stuff in. The renter will have their own lock and key and store their items safely in it for however long they like. Storage container houses are also now becoming a popular way to recycle these containers, and to give people an affordable option when it comes to housing.

Houses made from shipping containers can actually be designed to look quite modern and stylish. Sometimes people will use multiple steel containers to create the house they want. Depending on how large the owners want the home, they can use just one storage container for a small home or studio, or a couple of them side by side or on top of one another, or 3 or 4 stacked or placed together in an arrangement. The exteriors can be painted and sided to create the look and design the home owners are looking for. Some people don't mind leaving the original paint and design the way it is like this tiny house on Little Things. Even though the outside looks like this, the inside looks like a real, comfortable home. The way they finished the home is beautiful. They created wooden floors, walls, and ceilings to give the interior a very warm and cozy look. There's even a little kitchen with blue cupboards and stainless steel appliances. They did include some windows in their home design, but in other storage container houses, you'll see many windows implemented to create the illusion of more space within the house. The only thing is, windows can be expensive and sometimes they can compromise the insulation of the space too.

Homes made from shipping containers can be a practical solution to building a conventionally built home using wood framing and drywalling. The steel container already has the bones of the structure and all that needs to be done is some insulation and installing windows and doors, electric and plumbing. Plus of course, all of the finishing touches like you see here, decorating it and adding those nice, personal touches. If you're interested storage container houses and are considering making one for yourself, you can search in your area for shipping containers for sale and see if there are any available in your area. Areas like Seattle and Vancouver will have many since they are major ports in the US and Canada. The cost of one of these containers is around $2000 depending on where you live, and even if you don't live close to a port, you can always have one shipped out to you for an additional fee. It helps to get some design ideas by looking at other people's shipping containers houses. Enjoy looking through the photos of this beautiful container house.***

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