She Got a Little Carried Away Making These Adorable Bird Feeders from Old Lids and Jars

Is there anything mason jars can't do? I think she got a little carried away making these adorable bird feeders from old lids and jars. You may too when you find out how easy and affordable it is to make these diy cool projects. With so many diy ideas available to us now, it's hard to find the time to do them all. There are thousands of fun diy projects online on websites like Hometalk, there's also always Pinterest which complies a bunch of different diy ideas from all over the internet into on place and there are also diy project books. You can find different diy project books in the library or at a book store, you could even order them online. Another place to find fun diy projects is in magazines. Home and garden magazines definitely have a lot of diy ideas, and so do fashion magazines. There are all sorts of crafting magazines you can buy too. If you want to get out of the house and connect with other people who love crafting and diy ideas, you can join groups that do diy crafts together with an instructor teaching them how to make the items.

Diana Wearing was so excited to find boxes and boxes of mason jars and pot and pan lids at a garage sale, she knew the perfect diy craft to use them for. She decided to make bird and chicken feeders out of them. Isn't that a great idea? She had her large mason jars, picked up some metal and plastic poultry feeders, and then the pot lids. She also had some really good glue to hold everything together. If you don't have these items, hard are very affordable and to find old pot lids just go to a garage sale or a thrift store. All you need to do is take the glue, and apply it to the bottom of the jar and then fix the bottom of the pot lid onto it, allowing it to dry for an adequate amount of time. The glue smells really toxic, so make sure you use it outside or in a well ventilated area. The jar can be unscrewed from the poultry feeder to add in more food and it easily reattaches to the feeder base. This is great because as soon as the little feeding troughs are empty, the will automatically fill up again so you don't have to worry about filling them all the time. These can also serve as water containers for the birds or chickens and they can be refilled as often as needed.

The best way to hang the bird feeder when it's done is to attach a metal shower curtain ring to the top so it can hang nicely from a tree branch or a wooden post. Just make sure that the branch or post is strong enough to hold the weight of the bird feeder as it could be pretty heavy when it's full. You could even paint them different colours as Diana did here. Her pot lids had some red on them, so she painted the bottom part of the feeder red to match. If you got your hands on some blue pot lids, you could paint the bottom blue, but they do look good in just the plain metallic colour. So if you feel like getting crafty and welcoming the birds to your home, try out this fun diy and other fun diy projects from Hometalk. You'll be sure to attract a lot of birds to your front or back yard and you can spend some time watching them eat and drink before they take flight.***

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