Still Unsure About Alien Life? THIS Settles It!

Humanity is definitely going through a paradigm shift right now, and many people are becoming more aware of extraterrestrial life. Are you Still Unsure About Alien Life? THIS Settles It! This is also nothing new to a lot of people, as many people know that extraterrestrials exist and are not at all afraid of the outcome of having them known about, and accepting that they exist, just as much as we exist. Throughout history there have been many many instances of extraterrestrials visiting Earth, since the beginning of time. Going back to the Egyptians, the Mayans and the Native tribes of North America. There is so much that people don't really know about, nor do a lot of people want to know about. Some people are really afraid of anything different, so they keep their minds closed.

This is a great article with 3 videos, that have people telling their experiences with extraterrestrials and UFOs, with the government and how they dealt with this topic over time. The first video is from an anonymous, dying CIA agent, and he tells his experiences of going to Area 51, where he actually saw some space crafts, some crashed up, and some intact. He said that the Roswell craft looked like aluminium foil, and didn't weigh more than 300 pounds, and he was told it was run by reverse gravitational pulls. He was also given the mathematical code for reversing gravity. Then later on, he was able to see autopsy film, where they interviewed grey aliens. He describes them as having bigger heads as us, with a smaller nose, small mouth and just holes for ears. He had even met with the president about all of this and he felt like the president knew about all of this but he definitely wanted to keep it under cover. He was also told not to say anything, and remain anonymous. But now that he is dying, he feels like it is a load off of his shoulders talking about it and getting this information out to people. What a secret to have to keep!

The other video is the Canadian Minister of Defence, speaking about how he had experiences throughout his time working for the government. He believes that people need to and deserve to know about all of this. He says that UFOs are as real as our own airplanes. He has seen many UFOs over the course of his lifetime and he says that at least 4 species of extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years. He says that they are like different races with different agendas. He even says that there are a couple of extraterrestrials that are on Earth now, working with the government. If you have researched anything on extraterrestrials this information will be of no surprise to you.

It is all very interesting, and there is one more video to watch as well. Its great that people are speaking about this and wanting full disclosure!

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