Tasty Hamburger Buns Made Out RICE!

You've probably never seen anything like these Tasty Hamburger Buns Made Out RICE! This delicious rice bun recipe is definitely gluten free, and a nice variation on what we typically use to place our burgers. You may never go back to standard hamburger buns again!If you can wrap your head around using rice as a burger bun, you should give this recipe a try. It doesn't take a lot of ingredients, some that you most likely already have in the pantry. To make this recipe, you will need some sushi rice, water, fish sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and sriracha. You will also need some ground beef, peanut, cucumber and mint. If you are a vegetarian, you can make or use your favorite veggie burger recipe.

To start the rice bun burger recipe mix the rice and the water. You do not need to rinse the rice. Cover the rice and bring to a simmer. Reduce the heat on the stove and steam the rice until its tender, which usually takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the rice you use. You can sample a grain or two of rice and taste test to make sure that its tender. Then let the rice sit for about fifteen minutes covered and taken off the heat. You can then take a large bowl, and mix some sugar with a bit of rice vinegar and some salt. Then add the rice, and fold in the rice and vinegar with the salt and sugar. Keep mixing the rice until the rice is cooled.

Then mix the fish sauce, sugar, Sriracha and rice vinegar in a small bowl to make a sauce recipe. Then you can form two burger patties out of the hamburger, and pour some sauce over the burgers. Let the sauce marinade for approximately half an hour, flip the burgers once or twice. Then you can start your grill or get your frying pan hot. Then with wet hands to prevent sticking to the rice, you can form the rice mixture into some patties, about the same size as the burgers. Then cook the rice patties at medium to high heat just on one side of the patty, till brown the rice. This will help the rice fuse together; it also help to make the rice bun less sticky for people to hold. When the rice is browned, you can remove from the heat. Then grill the burgers, and top the bottom rice patty with some peanuts. Next put the burger on top of the rice patty, followed by some sliced cucumber, mint leaves, and topped with the other rice patty, with the browned rice at the top. Enjoy!

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