The Easiest Way to Get Your Copper Bottom Pots Shining Like New

Are your pot bottoms grimy? Finish looking worn? Do you feel the sting of shame-induced tears streaming down your face every time you take them out to cook? While crying over spilled - or in this case tarnished - milk is never worth the tears, the dreaded pot bottom pasties are a fact most pot wielding folk share; from average cooking-skill-havers (like myself) to the pros alike (though we all know they don't wash their own dishes). Pot bottom disfiguration builds up over years of use and abuse, with the culprits of water, soap, time, tarnish, and stovetop heat all putting the 'wear' back in 'cookware'. And annoying as it is, it's an inexorable part of the food preparation game; especially with the copper bottomed pot species. Thankfully this cleaning tip is by far the easiest way to get your copper bottom pots shining like new.

Brought to us by What's Up Fagans?, a blog by Katelyn Fagan, a young mother of four, and self acclaimed "penny pincher" who writes about a wide range of topics from saving money, to pregnancy, raising kids, homeschooling, homemaking and simple, fun-filled living. Written with vigor and personal flair, her articles are aimed at straightforward functionality for anyone who cares to improve their lives. Some samples of articles you will find on cleaning include how to use ketchup to clean a copper pot, having the kids unload the dishwasher without breaking any dishes, prepping your car for a new baby, ways to making everyday cleaning quicker in your house, and lots more.

Fagan's simple yet formidable recipe for pot reinvigoration gives us a method for breathing aesthetic life back into your cookware. It involves two simple ingredients that can be found in (almost) any kitchen: salt and white vinegar. First comes the salt which is sprinkled directly onto the bottom of the pot. A little goes a long way for this purpose, but increased quantity will improve abrasiveness. Next comes the vinegar; and again, a dab'll do ya. Just pour a small amount over the salt. You'll notice the combination of the two ingredients produces a reddish brown colouration. Next, take your scouring pad and go to town on the mixture, scrubbing steadily until tarnish free. And shazam; your pot bottoms will look as good as new.

Katelyn has all sorts of great kitchen tips and hacks that will get your kitchen and your house in tip top shape, and she should know as the mother of four children, there is no shortage of cleaning to be done. She also offers advice on getting a home ready for company in just forty minutes, a little primer we all could use at times. This article could help everyone out at some point in their lives, especially when it's busy holiday season, and guests call without much notice to say they are coming over!

You'll want to take a look at her video on how she cleans up the house fast. Some of the tips include; assessing the situation and determining what needs to be done the most. You want the area where the guests will be hanging out the tidiest, so you might want to get to that right away. If your guest bathroom is already clean, you might do a quick spray down here first; try and get any help you can, with everyone pitching in you will get the job done that much quicker, so get to it, you don't have a lot of time (this is where having four children also comes in handy); clean from top to bottom, that means to not sweep and mop the floor before you have cleaned off the counters, or you'll just be doing the job again. Start by cleaning the table and counters so the crumbs can get swept up afterwards.

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