The Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time!

There are oodles of great tips and tricks that you can use to make your kitchen activities alot easier and take way less time. Some favorites from a nice long list of 100 developed by the food network are list here:

1. Get in the habit of doing your prep work the night before. You will look like a champ in the kitchen and really take the stress off. This can include things like pre-chopping your garlic and onions and storing them in airtight containers in the fridge until they are ready to use.

2. It seems simple, but is an important baking concept to remember that small items will bake quicker than large ones. Where this comes in most handy is when you are modifying recipes like making large donuts into mini donuts, or large muffins into mini muffins.

3. Keep spices stored in a cool dark place which will help them to preserve their flavors a lot longer.

4. Add extra flavors to salad dressing by using a small grater to grate into yummy flavors like fennel.

5. When cooking meats, always use the bones and extra meat bits for broth which can be freezed into smaller containers so they are easy to access when making rice or risotto.

6. If you are cooking something for a special recipe, make it a rule to cook something that you know! This will help you avoid stress and last minute errors.

7. When cooking pasta, always cook it for 1 minute less than it says on the package. Finish the final minute in the pan with your sauce.

8. If you are an egg lover, after you cook your eggs and serve them on your plate, quickly deglaze the pan with some sherry vinegar and pour this bit of liquid on the eggs for a delicious flavor that everyone will be curious about.

9. Get rid of the smell of garlic or fish by rubbing bad smelling fingers onto the stainless steel sink. It works magic!

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