The Kit Kat Pie That the Internet is Going Crazy For

This Kit Kat Pie is awe-inspiring and totally drool worthy. Watching the video of this delicious Kit Kat pie being made might just make you want to make one of your own just to try a piece. You can imagine what it tastes like pretty well, but just to be sure you better just make the pie. These epic dessert recipes featured on Tastemade are all equally incredible. They take a simple candy bar like a Kit Kat chocolate bar and create a decadent and elegant dessert around it. In a few easy steps you can create some of the best cake recipes ever, and with minimal effort too. You won't believe there are only 8 ingredients total in this recipe. Most pie and cake recipes have at least 10 or more ingredients. This is like a chocolate cream pie recipe without the pastry crust. This crust is made up of Kit Kat bars of course which makes it even more irresistible. Tastemade also features a Ferrero Rocher cake that is equally decadent. For all of the Pocky fans out there, there is a Strawberry Pocky cake recipe too. Pocky is a tiny long cookie in the shape of a stick that is dipped in a pink strawberry flavoured white chocolate and left to harden. Pocky comes from Japan who is known for their quirky and cool candies and confectionaries. If you have never tried Pocky before, you should give it a try.

But back to the Kit Kat bar and how it came into existence. North Americans may assume that this chocolate treat originated in the United States like may other candy bars, but actually the Kit Kat bar was first introduced in London as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp in 1935. Only two short years later, the chocolate bar was renamed KitKat Chocolate Crisp and then after World War Two the name was simplified to Kit Kat, which is what we know it by today. It was also very popular during the Second World War, and known to be "What active people need". It was the company's best selling chocolate bar, and it became popular in the United States as well. Over the years we have seen Kit Kat become a favourite chocolate bar in North America, available at any candy store or convenience store. There have also be modifications in the flavours of Kit Kat bars such as an orange flavoured Kit Kat, mint flavoured, dark chocolate, a chunky version that was a super sized version of the smaller individual wafers. In Asia there are even Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat bars which taste surprisingly good.

So if you are stuck for what to make for a birthday cake, or a cake for any occasion, just give this Kit Kat Pie recipe a try. Since the recipe is so simple, you won't have a lot of tedious preparation to do. This is one of those cake recipes that looks like you put a lot of work into it, but that can remain our secret. We find some of the best cake recipes and the most inspiring dessert recipes from all over the web and put them in one place so that they are easy to find and try out. Thank you Tastemade for this fabulous Kit Kat Pie recipe and for all of the other amazing recipes you share on your website. The great thing about Tastemade is that they share a time-lapse of exactly how they created their dessert recipes and other recipes so you can see precisely how the dish is put together. A wonderful tool for people who like to have a visual component with a recipe.***

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