The Sneaky Quick Way to Clean Up Broken Eggs

As the old saying goes, you can’t really cry over spilt milk… But what about spilt eggs? Yeah, we mean the ooey gooey icky kind – the broken ones. All over the floor! It happens to the best of us and it happens a lot if we have kids. It happens even more if our kids try to cook with us! What can we do about it? Well, as we all know by now, crying won’t help. A positive, pro-active approach is always best, and a few tricks up your sleeve wouldn’t hurt either. So here’s what we found: an Easy Clean Up for Broken Eggs!

Yes, this is a quick and easy way to clean up your broken eggs, without any tears or heavy duty cleaners either. And we found it over at “The Feels Like Home” blog. We just love the subtitle for this site, too; it says: “Beautiful. Messy. Life.” Haha – that’s about as realistic as it gets, right? What’s life if it isn’t messy? And when you’ve got kids, it can get pretty darned messy. Tara is the creator, author, and photographer of The Feels Like Home blog, and she loves her job! In her thirties, she’s also a wife and mother of two lovely little girls. Feels Like Home is not just about cooking – it’s a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about parenting, homeschooling, crafting, and healthy living.

Tara and her husband enjoy a simple, practical, and back–to–basics sort of lifestyle and she shares that life with all of us through her blog. All of it! Not just the happy, positive, and effortless bits, but the turbulent bumpy bits too. Truly that’s what life is – all of it, not one or the other. That’s where the spilt eggs come in! Or the broken eggs, which are even worse. Tara really enjoys cooking with her young daughter Grace and she also loves teaching her all of the essentials – this, of course, includes working with eggs. As Tara bakes with free range eggs from happy chickens, she always breaks them into a bowl first to make sure they’re all tickety-boo before she adds them to her baking mix. In this case, she and Grace were making cookies.

How can we learn to work with eggs without breaking a few here and there first, right? Tara first showed Grace how to carefully crack open an egg over a bowl. She let the contents drop inside the bowl and then she discarded the shell. She’d shown her how to do that very carefully. But when it was Grace’s turn to give it a try – and she really wanted to try; she was so excited, really! But when she went to crack the egg, she couldn’t do it at first. So she tried again, harder. And poof! The inside of the egg plopped down on the floor while the outside landed in the bowl. That takes talent, right? Well Tara sure thinks so!

And even better, she did the exact same thing again – cracked the egg and somehow the contents fell to the floor while the eggshell went right into the bowl. Excellent! And Tara, being such a wonderful mother, never stopped encouraging her young daughter. She didn’t flinch, not even for an instant. Nope, she didn’t miss a beat. She just kept about her cooking-baking business and cracked the final two eggs herself. And before too long, the cookies were done. And they were good cookies, too – they were double chocolate candy corn cookies, no less. Yum!

But very quickly and carefully, without drawing too much attention to it, she did something that would help her clean up the egg mess. She used a very simple ingredient that everyone has in their kitchen cupboard. Something that made it a heck of a lot easier to clean up that otherwise ooey gooey mess!

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