These Home Remedies Sound Pretty Disgusting But They Work

Being sick with a cold or flu is the worst, and that sometimes means trying anything to feel better. "These Home Remedies Sound Pretty Disgusting But They Work,", from weird to uncomfortable and downright yucky, they tips come from naturopathic doctor Leslie Solomonian.

There's nothing worse than feeling sick, and we will often try whatever it takes to feel better. These home remedies may sound pretty disgusting but they work. The first remedy is garlic and onion syrup, this natural remedy is recommended for coughs and colds. The addition of honey helps take the bite off the raw onion and garlic flavor, but this natural cough ready may leave you will some smelly breath, but it does take away painful coughs, you don't want to use this on children under one year old. You may have heard of this natural remedy from your grandmothers days, castor oil and ginger chest rubs. By grating fresh ginger into castor oil and rubbing on your chest before bed (you'll want to use old pyjamas and sheets for this strong remedy that sticks and stains) you'll have this natural remedy for coughs. The next remedy doesn't sound very comfortable, cold, wet socks. This remedy is recommended for fever, colds and flu. You will soak the socks in cold water, and put them on your feet and cover with a second pair of thick wool or thermal socks. You then go to bed, cover your feet in a blanket. Don't worry the awful freezing feeling is only temporary, this remedy will stimulate circulation, relieve congestion and eventually get you toasty and warm. A salt water gargle is a natural remedy that many of us have heard of. You mix 1/4 teaspoon salt to one cup of warm water and gargle. It can help with the symptoms of a cold. You want to remember not to use too much salt, it could make your symptoms worse.

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