This Timber Workbench Project is Great

Wooden pallets are being used by beginner do-it-your-selfers and even by professionals and can be converted to anything from shelves and benches, home decor accessories, tables and even disassembled for flooring.

These pallets come in an array of finishes and patina's which can be further stained or treated for desired results. The best thing about these discarded wood pallets is their price range is usually FREE! For these reasons plus their versatile nature, they have become useful in home décor and design. Even a simple design of a coffee table made out of a few pallets can easily be converted with the simple addition of rolling wheels for a mobile table to the installation of a piece of glass on the top for a practical and chic coffee table.

I have seen articles describing the addition of table legs to a stained wooden pallet for a desk or a tool table to set up in the garage. Adding a few large pillows can convert a simple pallet bench into a comfy sofa or day bed, and you can even use a smaller version or leftover for a matching pet bed. If you use your imagination, there are so many uses in the garden and even inside your home. A few stacked pallets could double as a staircase from a deck or even assemble into loungers for the backyard. I have done a project where we made a backyard bench that was later turned into a swing. I think the only limitations are your imagination for the environmental friendly resource.

There are many articles on the web, but the following link from 'Instructables' is useful and is a great way to feel more confident in your next pallet or wooden creation! Make sure you check it out and make sure to get the whole family involved in these easy do-it-yourself projects.

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