Top 10 Cool Facts About The Hulk

If you don't know who The Hulk is, it is time to take you down for a brief moment in memory lane. He is one of the known superheroes created by Marvel and has created an impact on modern pop culture. His character is very interesting since he is not exactly someone we could call a moralist like Superman. We also can't consider him a vigilante like Batman or Spiderman. So what kind of a superhero is he? Well, the truth is he is someone who is against heroes, which is a bit ironic if you come to think of it. Here are more cool facts about The Hulk that you probably will just learn today.

1. Hulk is the man who will transform into a huge creature whenever he is angry, and he turns into green. His anger management problem is beyond help because he just smashes things when he canít control his anger. Itís been more than five decades now since it was been first conceptualized and aired on television. But did you know that its release cancelled? Just after Marvel published only six issues of it in 1963 because the people didn't quite like it..

2. Green is the colour of The Hulk that we all know. But in the first release of this story, his colour turns to gray whenever he gets mad. A problem occurred that time with the printer that it couldn't consistently print the colour gray with it so they just eventually changed it to green.

3. The Hulk tore Wolverine in half in one of the issues released, and it was pretty gory. What happened was Wolverine went to see David Banner (Hulkís real name) in a monastery where he found him with beautiful half-naked women. Banner didn't like such interruption, so he fought him and ended up tearing him apart, literally.

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