Top 10 Unbelievably Insane UFO Conspiracy Theories that Might Just Be True

Conspiracy theorists have proposed theories that are somewhat… like… different. “Just say it!” Ok, so conspiracy theorists have proposed unbelievably plus insane theories. Well, it’s really up to people if they want to believe these theories or not. “We want to know what these are.” That would be my pleasure, buddy. These ten insane conspiracy theories will make you say “whaaaaat?” after reading. However, they might sound real crazy, but personally, I also find them interesting. I mean well, we don't really know. The world is full of secrets. *sighs* Anyway, here are some of the craziest conspiracy theories that you should know.

What can you say about an alien satellite hovering around the Earth? According to these conspiracy theorists, a 13,000 years old alien satellite is orbiting our planet. They call it the ‘Black Knight’. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, mechanical engineer, and futurist, is the first to discover this alien satellite in 1899 when he received radio signals. Tesla believes that the radio signals come from space. In early 20th century, amateur radio operators also say the same claims. During the 50’s and 60’s, there are reports about the discovery of a mysterious object in space and this, according to some, is enough to support the theory about ‘Black Knight: the alien satellite’.

Other theories include the sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in March 8, 2014. Now, I think this theory is something that we shouldn't laugh at. The plane is not the only one lost. All the people aboard have lost their lives too, leaving their families grieving and confused. According to reports, no debris of the plane is found, and this only strengthened the claims of conspiracy theorist that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is abducted by aliens. This claim, still according to the theorists, is supported by the head of the Malaysian air force, Rodzali Daud, who says that before it vanished, they received signals from a UFO near the place where the plane disappeared.

There are more theories when you click List Verse’s website below. For now, I’ll give you the moment to sit back, and think deeply and critically about these conspiracy theories. If you want, you can research more about it and gather more information to come up with a fine judgment. Adios!

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