UFO Crashes in China; Authorities Cordon Off The Area

Have you heard the latest space news? A UFO crashed in China on May 16th 2015, and the authorities have sealed off the area! A few pictures have emerged, however, and wow do they look weird. What the heck is this thing, anyway? It almost looks like a cracked-open Easter egg.

On the evening of Saturday May 16th a city official in Qiqihar Baiquan in Yian County, released the news that local police had received a report of UFO sightings in the countryside, and at least one UFO had actually fallen to the ground.

Several local villagers reported hearing a sharp piercing sound before seeing huge fireballs streaming across the sky. One even dropped down into a farmerís vegetable garden, to his great dismay. Chinese news agency reporters Cong Cunmin and Chu Paishe took photos of these strange objects, including this large one with the jagged metal outer shell.

There were three fallen objects in total and all were deemed to be relatively safe Ė not leaking any toxic gases or fluids and there is no danger of them exploding. Thereís been no word on whether they are radioactive or not, and the objects are still awaiting full identification! We may be waiting a long time.

A full investigation is now underway, and the whole area has been cordoned off. It doesnít look like any ETs were involved, but who knows! Or is this some sort of military space junk? Itís hard to say, but fun to guess! Perhaps these are props from an early Star Trek or Star Wars movie set? They donít exactly look sophisticated enough to have been created by a superior alien race.

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