US DoD Have Confirmed The UFO Phenomenon Is Real

In a deep forest one December night of 1980 in bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, that was located not far from Ipswich, England, where the largest NATO air force bases were found at the height of an ongoing cold war, a United Air Force Personnel was allegedly exposed to some form of radiation causing a permanent damage to his health.

Airman first class John Burroughs, one of the few who witnessed such phenomena, was badly injured by a strong radiation force cause by Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. This caused John's heart's anterior mitral valve to be badly shredded, causing permanent damage to his heart. This news rocketed its way to the front pages of newspapers and became the front setter for news within the area above. However. Despite the claims, this was immediately dismissed by the authorities. No acknowledgments were given to the then badly injured Burroughs. Despite the disappointing dismissal of the case, Burroughs' lawyer, Pat Frascogna and the then senator, Mr. John McCain pushed through with the fight for Burroughs' right to be given full medical subsidy for putting up his life in the line of duty. The struggle continued for years because of the lack of justifiable evidence to prove Burroughs' claim of being exposed to radiation due to an unidentified aerial phenomenon. But, eventually, thanks to his lawyer's efforts and Senator McCain's support, the Veterans Administration has finally conceded that the claim Burroughs made was, in fact, true and legit. It was then found out that buried in the British MoD was a statement proving that the claim made by Burroughs was true.

Stated in the article was the exact details as to what really took place during one unfaithful night in December of 1980, wherein John Burroughs, an Airforce personnel was indeed exposed to a radiation caused by an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

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