Cleaning Stove Top Grates With Ammonia

WAIT... I DON'T Need All of These Expensive Chemical Cleaners to Make MY Stove Greats Sparkle? There are a variety of ways you can tackle cleaning a dirty stove top. Even when there is grime and cooked on stains that are ever so difficult to remove. You can go to the grocery store and have your pick of different stove top cleaning agents, but usually these are filled with chemicals that are not good for our own health, or the health of the environment. In this video, from the Sustainable Suburbia YouTube channel, Cleaning Paste from Norwex is used. Norwex is a company that makes all natural and very effective cleaning products, like this cleaning paste. This cleaning paste has all sorts of great natural ingredients in it including coconut oil. To use this paste to clean your stove top, it is recommended you use one of their special cleaning cloths. The Norwex cleaning cloths are all made out of natural fibres and they are also effective but very gentle at cleaning your stove top without scratching it up like some scouring pads tend to do. All you have to do is apply the paste onto the cleaning cloth and then begin to scrub at the grime and grease on your stove top. You can use some water on the cloth to dilute cleaning paste a bit and spread it out evenly over the stains.

Natural cleaners can be made with things that you find around your own home too. Baking soda and white distilled vinegar are wonderful natural cleaning agents. Simple pour a little baking soda over the stain on the stovetop, followed by a small amount of vinegar, which will bubble up. This bubbling action will work away at loosening the stain on your stove top, so you can leave it there for as long as you like to allow it to really work its magic. Then, you can take a cloth that is not too abrasive and scrub at the stain until it is off. With a stainless steel stovetop, you should always scrub with the grain of the steel so you don't get any unsightly scratch marks. Baking soda works wonders since it is abrasive, but not too abrasive. It is gentle enough, yet very effective in cleaning stuck on grime and grease. This baking soda and vinegar combination can also be used to clean the inside of your oven as well and it can be left on overnight to see amazing results with less scrubbing required. Ammonia is also a wonderful cleaning agent when it comes to getting off stuck on food and grease. Ammonia is a naturally occurring chemical, but it is highly toxic so you must be careful when using it, and make sure that your space is properly ventilated as you are using it.

When you are cleaning the stove top, you will probably want to clean the stove top grates as well. These can be cleaned very effectively with ammonia. Cleaning stove top grates with ammonia is easily done by putting the grates into large ziplock bags individually and adding the ammonia to the bag. You fill the bag about a quarter of the way full with the ammonia and seal them tight, and then put them somewhere where they can sit overnight. Cleaning the stove grates with ammonia this way will lift off all of the grime and grease that has dipped onto them and accumulated over time. When they come out of the ammonia, all you have to do is scrub them lightly, sometimes a dish brush can be effective. Then, just rinse them off and dry them up and they will look as good as new. You can find so many other great cleaning tutorials shared by Kristen McCulloch to help you clean your house naturally and effectively.*

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