GetResponse Review: Warning: This Email Service Company Steals Customers Money with Shady Business Practices

If you have never heard of the email service company called GetResponse, that's probably for the best and you'd be well advised to avoid them. This is because they have the unfortunate tenancy to execute some pretty shady business choices.

Like for example, when one customer, upon newly signing up for an account, paid for a monthly subscription and sent out a single email message to his subscriber base. His subscriber base had all been opt-in and was a long standing list that he had been moving from another email service provider... WELL for whatever reasons, the automated systems internal to GetResponse decided that they didn't like his campaign (he had sent out an entirely harmless email talking about some tiny house and off grid living). Nothing that was even close to "spammy", just an informative newsletter which received a generally very positive response from it's readers.

Normally, an automated robotic mistake like this might have been resolved by the company and the customer, but GetResponse simply decided to ban his new (several day old) account (which already had a full month paid for) and call it a day.

Fine, fair enough, said the customer. Just refund the remainder of my months payment, since I have literally sent out ONE email and been a customer for 3 or 4 days perhaps the most... This was the response from the company:


Your request has been forwarded to GetResponse. Billing Department so that I may assist you. Please note that due to the reasons described by our Compliance Team, it is not possible to issue a refund for your payment.

Also upon subscribing with us you agreed to our Terms of Service which state: "The amounts paid by you under these Terms of Service are non-refundable. Therefore, termination of the Service does not release you from the obligation to pay all and any fees already due as per our Refund policy.


Olga Judycka

Billing Specialist


Or in other words... GetResponse feels perfectly within their moral rights to ban a new customers account (for no offense) AND keep the customers ENTIRE subscription fee.

This isn't the only time that GetResponse has been accused of shady dealings either. Another customer reports of their shady upgrade process where (unknowingly) their card was billed for nearly two thousands in a month, when the package they had subscribed to merely stated $500 for the month. GetResponse of course had another legal document to cover their shady non-transparent billing practices, and of course, refused to refund any money. Unfortunately for that customer, several months slipped by where he was being told that he was being billed $500 by the GetResponse website, which amounted to nearly $7000 of actual billing on his credit card.

This company... may be the WORST mailing list provider available with a customer service policy that is akin to strait up theft. If you value any modicum of customer service, if you expect to be treated even remotely fairly in your business dealings... avoid this company like the plague. Chances are excellent that they will steal from you eventually, and there will be nothing that you can do about it.