WATCH Video Easy Way to STOP Condensation to Get Rid of Black Mold and Clean Mould

Household mold is devastating and can cause real problems in your home. Take a little time to watch this video about the Easy Way to STOP Condensation to Get Rid of Black Mold and Clean Mould. The dangers of mold in your home are quite significant. And if you have discovered mold in the home you live in, you are probably aware of the fact that it accumulates rather quickly. So it is important to get it under control and get rid of it completely. Mold is caused by spores that are airborne. The mold spores lobe moisture and wet environments that are not properly ventilated. This is why most people find mold in their basements and in their attics or ceilings where there can be leaks in the roof leading to an accumulation of water. The mold grows because there isn't proper ventilation in the space and the wet, dark and damp environment is the best place for it to grow. The dangers of mold include health risks like severe allergies and even illness in some people because the spores find their way into the airways of the body and are toxic to our respiratory systems.

Having mold in your home can sometimes have a foul odour to it too. There are ways to eliminate odors from the mold, but it is best to just get it out entirely and prevent it from grown back again. You can eliminate odors of mold, but it might still be growing in your home, so it is best to follow guidelines like this on how to remove mold, or get a professional to remove the mold if it is too far gone for you. If you are just renting a home or an apartment, make sure you notify your landlord or property manager as soon as you possibly can. These problems are easier to handle when they are adjust beginning. When mold gets to far out of control, it can be even harder and take longer to eliminate. If you own a house, you can first try and get rid of it yourself, but don't hesitate to call a professional if it is too far gone. Your health and the health of your family is too important to risk having any mold in your living environment. This video from the Fixmyroof YouTube channel is very helpful at understanding the different causes and types of mold growth. Condensation is a major cause of mold, especially in bathrooms that are not properly ventilated. If you have steam and condensation on your windows, there is a chance for mold to develop in certain places. There is also the problem of a roof leak or a plumbing leak, which looks different than a condensation build up. The leak looks more like a tea stain on a white ceiling and wall, whereas the condensation build up looks more like a shadowy effect.

The number one way to eliminate mold is to cut back on moisture that are airborne. Then, you have to remove any additional moisture by using a dehumidifier. Believe it or not, air drying clothing indoors is one of the main causes of airborne moisture in the home. So make sure you use a tumble dryer at all times, or dry your clothes outdoors on sunny days. Showers and bathrooms always need a fan that extracts the humidity from the room, or a window that lets the humidity out. The air in our house should be dry if we want to get rid of mold, so a dehumidifier will be a wonderful investment. Make sure you watch the full video for all of the information and more from the Fixmyroof website.*

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