When She Poured a Few Drops of Dish Soap onto Her Counter top... I Couldn't Believe What Happened Next

When She Poured a Few Drops of Dish Soap onto Her Counter top... I Couldn't Believe What Happened Next. Dish soap is an essential item in every household. We obviously use dish soap mainly to wash our dishes of course. But did you know that there are so many other ways to use this fabulous substance for other household duties? Well there are 32 uses that are featured on the She Knows website that you can try out in your own home. There are 32 tips and tricks to learn from the website that include cleaning, personal care and life hacks that will make your life easier. Plus, if you are using natural dish soap you will be relieved that you can use something that is all natural instead of a chemical cleaner. The other plus is that dish soap is very affordable, and only costs maybe five dollars a bottle. So if you are using it for many different purposes, you will be making your money stretch. Dish soap comes to the rescue when we are in a pinch and need something quick, for example, if we don't have any laundry soap, we can use some dish soap to get our clothes clean until we buy laundry detergent.

Dish soap is made up of surfactants which is helps to reduce the surface tension in the water that it is added to. Which is why it makes doing dishes easier. Dishwashing liquid is used for washing dishes by hand, but not to be used in the dishwasher because the lather might expand too much and overflow the dishwasher. We have also seen dish soap brands like Dawn dish soap assisting in oil spills by using their dish soap to clean of the oil from bird's feathers, which shows us just how well the soap can cut through grease. Most dish soaps, even the natural dish soap is very effective in living grease off of your dishes. Whether you have just had a cheesy casserole or a cake that has crusted onto a pan, soaking your dishes with dish soap is sure to help lift the most hard to scrub grime. Before we used liquid dish soap, people used washing powder which was essentially baking soda. Then, dishwashing liquid came out in the 1930s in the United States, and now, it sells at least ten billion dollars worldwide, in all different brands.

When it comes to natural dish soap, you will want to make sure that you check in to all of the dish soap brands. The Environmental Working Group always keeps a great list of the best cleaning products that they have tested out themselves to make sure have no harmful ingredients. The thing with natural cleaning products is that under current laws, it is not required that all of the ingredients be on the label, so there may be some toxic ingredients in your natural dish soap even though the label says otherwise. Environmental Working Group shares their favourite natural dish soap list with us, available to view online and print out for quick reference. It might be a good idea to print out this list of approved natural cleaning products and take it shopping with you, or download their app on your phone. You can search more than 2,000 different products on their online database and see which ones they have rated the best. A few natural dish soaps you can try out when you try these great tips and tricks are GrabGreen Dish Soap, which is Fragrance Free, Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap, in Peppermint and Better Life Dish It Out Natural Dish Liquid, in Clary Sage & Citrus.***

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