When You Find Out What is in McDonalds French Fries, You Will Be Disgusted!

It's natural to be somewhat suspicious about what goes into the food we buy from restaurants. Especially fast food restaurants that don't have a lot of healthy food choices. When you find out what is in McDonald's fries, for example, you might get pretty grossed out. Over the years McDonald's has become an empire, with approximately 36,899 locations worldwide. In its 77 years of business, the fast food empire has become one of the most popular places to get a burger and fries, and it's synonymous with American culture. Even when you see a McDonald's when you're traveling far away from home, it most likely reminds you of America. Whether that's a good thing or not, is up to the individual. Some people think that having these restaurants all around the globe is a good thing, providing some sense of home and comfort to the American traveler, but others see it as another way that America embeds itself into these far away places. Even though there have been many studies done on McDonald's food, showing that it's not healthy food, people still love it and eat it up.

There has been some concern surrounding the food ingredients in their menu items over the years, and documentary maker Morgan Spurlock helped people to see the true harm of eating McDonald's meals every day for 30 days in his documentary called "Supersize Me." The clip in the YouTube video here is from the film, and it shows several McDonald's menu items being placed into large glass jars with lids on them, and sitting for up to 10 weeks. Morgan also put a real burger and real fries from a homemade style restaurant in their own jars for comparison. You can clearly see that the homemade style burger and fries quickly decomposed in the jar, showing that our bodies easily digest these real foods. The McDonald's foods, on the other hand, were quite a bit slower to decompose and the fries were not able to decompose at all. It's shocking to see that the McDonald's fries are not decomposing after 10 weeks. They haven't even begun to grow mold on them like the other foods did, and they look pretty much like they could be fresh from the restaurant. This is enough for most people to start raising an eyebrow at what ingredients actually go into making these indestructible fries.

If you go on the McDonald's website, you'll find that they have a Nutrition Center there, where you can check out all of the food ingredients, nutritional value, and calories in each of their menu items. If you look into the french fries on the menu, you'll find that instead of the fries just having two or three ingredients, like normal, home cooked fries would, these fries have 10 or more ingredients. The salt that goes on the fries even has it's own ingredients list. The wild thing is, McDonald's actually puts sugar in their fries, the ingredient called Dextrose is a corn based sugar that is added to processed foods to make them taste better. They also list dimethylpolysiloxane as an ingredient which is an additive that helps to prevent the oil in the deep fryers from bubbling over for the safety of their employees. Then sodium acid pyrophosphate is added to stop the potatoes from turning gray. Even though these ingredients are safe enough to eat, they are not natural and found in fresh, healthy food. We all know that eating these fast foods is not part of a healthy lifestyle, and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's probably best to stay away from these preservative filled foods and stick to eating fresh, organic healthy food most of the time. At the end of the day, we shouldn't be eating these types of foods for nutritional benefits.***

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