29 Make-Ahead Meals to Keep in Your Freezer

You will love some of these 29 Make-Ahead Meals to Keep in Your Freezer. These recipe ideas are great for filling your freezer with healthy meal ideas, unlike the heavily processed foods found in your freezer aisle. Preparing your make ahead meals, you'll have plenty of healthy meal ideas that can be reheated in minutes. There are all sorts of recipe ideas for breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, and dinner recipes. Knowing all of the ingredients that are in your make ahead freezer meals gives you options that you can trust and feel good about for you and your family. For breakfast one of the first recipe ideas on the list is for freezer friendly bagel bombs. This stuffed bagels recipe isn't as high in calories as you might think, with only 240 calories you can customize the filling recipe in an everything bagel topping. Then there is a breakfast quesadilla recipe with cheese, spinach, and white beans. This freezer-friendly breakfast quesadilla recipe is easy to make with protein from the beans and cheese, and a serving of vegetables to start your day.

Another recipe to try is the breakfast casserole muffins. These mini casserole muffins are so cute and easy to make. Just fill the muffin tins with some torn bread, ham and cheese, then pour eggs over the whole thing. Bake, and then you can freeze them in glass or plastic containers. When you are ready to eat them just, pop them in the microwave.

There are also plenty of lunch recipes to try. A homemade stuffed pizza pockets recipe has ingredients like marinara sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. Or you can try variations to include pesto and ricotta, curry sauce and chicken and more. When the pizza pockets are done, just put them in the freezer till you are ready to enjoy them. The following lunch recipe is an inexpensive way to have a yummy meal with microwavable pasta lunch packets. This lunch recipe costs only 24 cents a serving that you can serve with a fresh salad for a healthy meal idea that helps you save money. Microwavable Pasta Lunch Packets

At 24 cents a serving, it almost doesn’t matter what you’re eating. Luckily, these handy little pasta packets taste good. Serve with a fresh side salad for a healthy meal that won’t break the bank.

Then for the main meal of the day, you will find easy to prepare freezer supper meals. A chicken broccoli rice casserole recipe a yummy option with starch, vegetable, protein and two kinds of soup for the ultimate freezer meal idea. Just combine the recipe ingredients in a bowl and then pour them into gallon size freezer bags. When you are ready to eat, just reheat and eat. You can also make your veggie garden freezer burritos. This is a simple burrito recipe that you can just throw in a bag and eat after a few minutes in the microwave. This homemade recipe calls for zucchini and cilantro jalapeno pesto for a healthy homemade option.

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