10 Foods That Fill You Up When You Trim Down

We all want to know which foods are the best to eat, and these 10 Foods that fill you up when you trim down are just what you need to stay on track. This is a great food list if you are trying to cut calories and you want to know which foods besides spinach and egg whites are best to eat. This list will allow you to stock up your kitchen with a wide variety of healthy foods that are both high in protein and fiber and will leave you feeling satisfied so that you will be able to stick to a weight loss plan past the month of January. Losing weight doesn’t have to mean you will be plagued with hunger pangs and feeling tired at your desk all day. The best food trick to trimming down without feeling deprived is to shift to a diet that is fiber-rich with lots of sources of lean protein. This is the simplest way to reduce your caloric intake without eating less. Foods that are high in fiber or protein have fewer calories per gram, so you can pile up your plate without gaining weight.

This is good news for people who don't want to feel starved. Picking real food over weight loss bars and shakes will also help to keep you positive and not to feel so deprived. Balanced food choices that you eat will make will also leave you feeling balanced mentally. Eating healthy food will leave you knowing that you’ve eaten something solid and can get on with your day. The first food on the list is pistachios. Pistachio nuts are one of the lowest-calorie and lowest-fat nuts available. So because of that, you can feel good eating more of them. A 1-ounce serving is equivalent to 48 pistachios. Pistachios can also help protect your heart because almost all of the fat that is found in pistachios are heart-healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats. Next on the list is close to zero calorie vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, celery, broccoli, and cabbage. come pretty close. Since most of these vegetables are made up of water and fiber, they’re naturally very low in calories. Next on the good food list might come as a surprise to some people, and that is cheese. Cheese is a satisfying, portable, and inexpensive food that is packed with calcium, protein and vitamin D. The good news is that calcium found in cheese can also help to promote healthy weight loss because it helps maintain muscle mass, which in turn boosts and helps maintain metabolism. Boosting your metabolism helps you burn calories more efficiently throughout the day. So you can still have the cheese that you enjoy while loosing weight. You'll want to stick to reduced-fat or part-skim varieties. Try having some string cheese with an apple or cottage cheese with diced pineapple on high-fiber crackers.

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