10 Foods You Must Know How To Peel And Cut Correctly

I don’t know about you, but peeling food has always been a struggle of mine, even after spending four years working in a restaurant. If you are like me, then you should read this list of ten foods you must know how to peel and cut correctly. I promise you, it is worth the read! Stop struggling with those onions, mangos, and avocados, and read this article now! It will provide you with the key details for peeling food perfectly.

For years, I have dug a knife deep into an onion without thinking about how best to cut it. I always knew there was a technique to the way the brilliant chefs on Top Chef cut their food, but I never took the time to learn. Now that I am out of college and living on my own, I feel that it is time to become an adult and actually master these skills. For cutting onions, it is essential to cut the top off first, and then flip the onion over. Once you have done this, you will go through a series of six more steps before having perfectly diced onions.

Another food that I found challenging to peel are mangos. I actually avoided eating these fruits because I hate dealing with them. After learning how to peel them correctly, I went to the store and bought myself a whole bunch of them. I am now a happy camper at home knowing I do not have to feel overwhelmed when I have to cut them.

Next, did you know there is a skill to cutting avocados? I never knew! Living in Costa Rica, I usually just picked one of these off a tree, cut it in half, and ate right out of the skin. I learned this skill wasn’t helpful when I wanted to make a beautiful salad with avocado for guest. After learning how to peel avocados correctly, I no longer eat them out of the skin.

Finally, pomegranate and kiwi are delicious fruits, but are not the most enjoyable to prepare. I despise getting pomegranate juice on me, and I found kiwi to be slimy and miserable to slice. Today, I eat these all the time. Learning how to cut into these fruits correctly has made it easier to add them to my diet on a regular basis.

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