Top 10 Baking Tips & Tricks

'Baking is a science and cooking is an art.' How often have you heard this old saying? Baking has specific techniques and ingredients that you must do and use to get that perfect result.

Never despair though as even the baking flops are usually edible and appreciated, and some techniques take a little practice. You also need to get very familiar with your own oven, as not every oven is exactly the same in how it cooks the food.

We have 10 baking tips from the pros that you will appreciate knowing.

1. Timing Is Everything.

In baking, you must pay attention to the instructions. If they say to add eggs, one at a time and beat for a certain amount of time or to a certain consistency, then that is what you must do! There is a reason for all the steps involved for example in making a cake. This is to tell you that not only does the time in the oven matter, the time for each step and the order to add the ingredients will have an affect on the end result.

2. Pay Attention To Butter Temperature

Read the recipe and get that butter to what is asked for. If it says room temperature, be sure you have left the butter to sit on the counter until it is soft, but not all squishy and melting. If the recipe says for the butter to be cold, then use it directly from the refrigerator. How the texture of a pie crust turns out will be influenced by this one small thing.

3. Love Your Freezer

Use your freezer as indicated in recipes. Some cookie doughs must be very cold to make the perfect cookie when baked. You can also save yourself time by preparing cookie doughs and freezing them then taking the dough out when you want to have a batch of fresh cookies.

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