Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Chicken is used widely in the cooking industry. Chicken takes a front spot over meat in many kitchens. A lot of professional chefs, as well as amateur cooking enthusiasts, are using it as their main ingredient in cooking delicious, and hard-to-forget dishes. Have you tried cooking a unique dish having chicken meat as your main ingredient? Have you tasted a lot of chicken recipes already? What is the chicken recipe that really sticks in your mind to the extent that you want to try your own version of it?

Well, when it comes to mouth-watering chicken dish, the one featured in the The Cookin' Chicks blog is something that you cannot afford not to try, for sure! It is a dish that will melt in your mouth from the moment you take your first bite. It is baked, so you can be sure that it is much healthier compared to those that are fried. To intensify its healthiness, the breast of the chicken meat is what being used here. The breast is known to be lower in fat or cholesterol. You can prepare this dish in under an hour.

According to Kristin, who happens to be the person behind The Cookin' Chicks blog page, this delicious chicken dish is best served with roasted garlic and Parmesan asparagus. She cannot share this extraordinary dish without giving thanks to her mother, who was the one that introduced it to her. Its moist and flavorful taste will satisfy your tastebuds and tummy for sure. Best of all, you prepare it yourself so you know what you are eating and you can choose the best quality of ingredients for your family.

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