2 Homemade Ingredients To Remove Kitchen Cabinet Gunk

I've moved into many rental homes and have had a terrible time trying to remove all of the dirt and grime built up from past renters. I've tried many different ways of cleaning all the nooks and crannies trying to get it back to a state of sparkling clean. The best thing is that once it's clean again, all you need to do is maintain the state of cleanliness by doing some basic upkeep each week.

One of the things that really bothered me to clean was the kitchen cabinets. The one house we rented looked like the cupboards hadn't been cleaned in years and years. Oil and other strange gunk was caked on beyond belief. I tried many different methods to try and remove the mystery grime to no avail. Regular dish soap, vinegar sprayed on, hydrogen peroxide.. the list goes on. Trying to clean it without damaging the integrity of the surface is tricky business.

But then I stumbled upon this site One Good Thing By Jillee and my life was changed forever. She demonstrates a method of removing kitchen cabinet gunk with only two simple ingredients that are probably sitting in your cupboard waiting to come to the rescue. I won't tell you what they are so that you can see what these magic ingredients are for yourself. But rest assured they work wonderfully and require very little effort on your part. It's one of those "set it and forget it" tricks that you can let sit and work its magic while you do other things, then come back to it in a bit and wipe away! The best part is that the ingredients are all natural so you can clean without using any nasty chemicals.

So go ahead and checkout the 'One Good Thing By Jillie' site, and start cleaning your cabinets today!

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