3 Ingredient Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

To be honest, no one really loves cleaning their toilet. So here's a 3 ingredient homemade toilet cleaning bomb recipe that will help you with that. Usually we need to clean our toilets at least once a week or more to stay on top of it. The amount you clean your toilet really depends on the amount you use it, so naturally if you have more people living in your household, you'll have to clean it more often. The less people are using it, the less you might have to clean it. It's hard to say what the best toilet cleaning products are, but we would like to think that they are the all natural ones. Natural toilet cleaner is a great replacement for the chemical laden products we use to clean our home. More people are choosing to replace their chemical products with all natural ones for a variety of reasons. Mainly, these chemical products are not great for human or pet health, nor are they healthy for our environment. Websites like the Environmental Working Group post the contents of specific products and how toxic their ingredients are. They rate each product with a mark that scores them on their toxic content. The ones that get lower grades will have more chemicals in them.

When you clean your toilet, you usually squirt some type of cleaner into the toilet and let it set in for a few minutes to work on all of the grime. Then, you just scrub the toilet with a brush and wipe down the seat and the outside of the toilet, disinfecting it, and you're all done. The best toilet cleaning products will also have a little spout on the lid to make pouring the contents of the bottle out into the toilet bowl, and more specifically around the toilet bowl. But if you want a natural toilet cleaner, you can also pour some vinegar into the bowl of the toilet and it will also have a great all natural toilet cleaning effect. In this diy tutorial from Mom4Real, we learn how to make one of the coolest toilet cleaning products ever, a toilet bomb. The best part about this tutorial is, you only need three ingredients for these cool little bombs. All you need is some baking soda, citric acid, and some dish soap. If you want this to be an all natural recipe, then use all natural dish soap, but any brand will work. Just mix all of the ingredients in the bowl together until they are combined well. Then, you test the mixture to see if it sticks together well in your hands. Once it sticks together well, you just need to put it in a silicon mold of your choosing. She used a square one, but there are all sorts of shapes and sizes of mold you can use for these.

The toilet cleaning bombs dry in the molds after some time, and then, you can easily remove them and drop them into your toilet bowl as needed. The toilet bombs work by fizzing up in the toilet. The baking soda and the citric acid work together to create the fizzing which creates a scrubbing effect, meaning you may not even have to use your toilet brush, or just not as intensely at least. These toilet bombs are great for maintenance, but your toilet will still most likely need a good scrub every once in a while. You can even print off cute labels for them from the website if you like, to add to the jars you store them in. Have fun making and using these cool toilet cleaning bombs and check out some of the other cool diy ideas on the website.***

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