Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion Recipe

You have to love Aussie-tizers! Here is a recipe idea from the land Down Under, Australia, here is a great Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion Recipe. What a great presentation this would be in the center of your table. The Outback Steakhouse Bloomin Onion Recipe is a popular dish served in the Outback Steakhouse in Australia. I don't know about you but this tasty looking dish has certainly got me inspired. When it comes to recipes like this, they may not rank up there in the healthiest, but you can be sure they will rank high in the tastiest. Even those that eat non-fried foods succumb every once in awhile to a deep fried delight. Why not try out this awesome recipe for an appetizer or make it as a side to accompany a nice meal that you make as a treat or celebration? It could be great with some barbecued food, and would be awesome even just as a starter before you eat your main course.

It is okay to eat these deep fried foods in moderation. So let us talk a little bit about deep frying in oil and learn some tips and tricks. Do not use solid frying oil, only use liquid oils. Olive oil is not recommended as a good oil to use when deep frying. Make sure that you use good quality liquid oil. Do not use fats that deteriorate quickly such as lard and deep frying in butter or margarine is not recommended because of their low smoke point temperatures. Only use cooking oil with a high smoke point. Oils with low smoke points can rapidly degrade a temperatures around 375F and produce unhealthy by-products and toxins that are not good for our digestive system. When the basket is in the 'Frying' position, always make sure that you use tongs and gently lower the battered food into the oil. When frying food that is not coated in batter, make sure it is patted dry with paper towels as excess moisture causes the oil temperature to drop. The smallest amount of water will also cause hot oil to splatter so keep water away from the deep fryer. When frying for an extended amount of time, be sure oil returns to required temperature before frying a new batch of the food you are frying. It is important to keep the oil at the recommended level for each recipe, adding more oil as needed. When foods are fried at the proper temperature, minimal oil is absorbed into the food itself.

Basically all you need to make these awesome looking bloomin onions, is two sweet onions, flour, milk, eggs, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic powder and herbs of your choice. For this recipe, always try and get the largest onion you can possibly find. This will help in presentation and give more onion for people to snack on, they will disappear quickly! To make the onion look like a lovely flower in bloom, you make specific cuts into the onion, leaving a small base at the bottom of the onion to hold it together. You leave the onion for a few hours while it naturally opens up, putting it in the refrigerator can make the process go quicker. Once the onion has bloomed, you can put the batter on, and then fry it up! You don't even need a deep fryer for this blooming onion recipe, you can simply use a deep frying pan to fry up the onion. Make sure you don't forget to include some nice creamy dip to serve with it so everyone can dip their little onion pieces in before they eat it. Sounds good doesn't it? Try it out for yourself! Happy Cooking!

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