7 Foods to Eat for Amazing Skin

If itís true that you are what you eat, then you should know by now why your body is in its current state, right? Even before dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons brought the idea of skin rejuvenation and body contouring, there are already foods that have the nutrients needed to give your complexion that glow.

Seven of the most recognized nutritious foods include walnuts, salmon, broccoli, berries, cauliflower, cucumber, and red wine. Walnuts is a very well-known ingredient in our daily life. We eat it in chocolates, in cookies, in cakes and a lot more. Aside that walnuts are good for the heart, for immunity, for brain health, for breast cancer, for inflammatory disease, for bone health, for better sleep and stress, for pregnancy, for constipation and digestive system; it also delays skin ageing.

Since walnuts is packed with Vitamin B which is good for the skin, it is also a superb stress and mood manager. Lower stress levels definitely means better skin, the higher the stress levels can result to faster ageing and onset wrinkles. Walnuts are also good for dry skin. It helps keep the skin moisturised as it nourishes the skin and giving you a healthier and radiant cells. It is also a magnificent soothing agent and is known to lighten dark circles of your eyes, retaining its glow and colour.

You wonít have to take them everyday, or all at the same time. However, if you can include them in your dietary menu, then youíre in for some skin transformation sooner than you hope without having to go for laser treatments. According to dietitian Elisa Zied, author of Younger Next Week; "Eat smaller portions. Choose nutrient-dense, healthy foods from all of the different food groups. Exercise, and wear sunscreen. All of these things will help you look and feel younger,". So start eating the recommended foods today and reap all the benefits it has to offer to lead a healthier life.

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