7 Seemingly Harmless Foods That Can Totally Freaking Kill You

Before you stuff your face again with your favorite foods, you should check first to make sure they are not on this scary list of seven seemingly harmless foods that can totally freaking kill you. Thatís right. They appear harmless, but they actually have the capability of making you so sick that you could die. If you love olive oil, eggs, kidney beans, celery, mushrooms, rhubarb, or tomatoes, then you should read this article to educate yourself on good food practices and keeping yourself from harm. Trust me. It is better to read about it now than experience it first-hand.

I know I have used olive oil from time to time in a pan to fry eggs in the morning and to make a grilled cheese sandwich. It seems harmless, right? Actually it isnít. Olive oil can be carcinogenic when heated to very hi smoking points. Nobody warns you, but the fact is, olive oil when used to fry food, can kill you. Stop frying your eggs with it today. Rather than using this type of oil, stick with cooking oil.

Secondly, you should never reheat eggs. I didnít know this either until reading this article. My boyfriend was about to reheat eggs from breakfast this morning, and I had to tell him he shouldnít. He looked at me with surprise, and I told him what I learned from this article. If they have already been cooked, do not even think about reheating them again. The same goes for mushrooms.

Another food to be cautious about is celery. Eat it fresh with peanut butter, cooked in Chinese food, or diced up in potato salad, and you will be fine. Reheat it though after it has already been fully cooked, and you are putting your life at risk. Recooking celery releases nitrates into your bodyís system that can in the end kill you.

Something else that you should be careful with is Rhubarb. The leaves are poisonous; so donít try adding them to a salad.

Lastly, be very careful with the green leaves from tomatoes. They should not be eaten or added to any form of spaghetti sauce. They contain levels of tomatine that can kill you. Do not consume them as a joke or add them to any sort of food. You will regret it.

Everyone knows that eating beans may have a some undesirable effects on the digestive system. But most people are unaware that kidney beans, if eaten raw contain a dangerous toxin that can produce much more drastic effects. Beans and other legumes are known to be among the most nutritionally valuable vegetable foods. The seeds of beans are high in protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and lots of minerals, while low in fat and cholesterol. But they also contain a protein that can be toxic in high concentrations if the beans are eaten raw. Kidney beans in particular contain enough of this toxin that can cause acute symptoms, even if only a few raw beans are consumed.

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