Alien/Humanoid Creature Being Examined at Stanford University

Are you still skeptical about aliens? “Yes, I've always been. I've heard a lot of claims and evidences; however, some are said to be fake which made me dubious about aliens.” Well, I know how that feels, my friend, but you might want to read this file. A humanoid creature is examined in Stanford University. Personally, I find this article very interesting to read. Is this humanoid creature a real human being or an extraterrestrial individual? I'll tell you the details and let’s decide for ourselves later.

This human-like but very small organism was found by locals in the Chilean Atacama Desert in 2003. The owner of this humanoid has brought it to Madrid and Barcelona to be studied by highly regarded scientists and medical doctors. It has been kept a secret by Spanish scientists who studied the humanoid creature, but not until 2013. It has been revealed to the public. According to Frank Depreitere, the owner has finally brought it to the attention of an American researcher, Dr. Garry Nolan, from Stanford University in California. “It is the first time that a recognized authority goes public about a scientific research of a possible proof of Extraterrestrial life.” The case is then called the ‘Sirius Case.'

Dr. Nolan and his team notice that the creature has fewer ribs than a human has. It also has a very odd cranium. Its cranial vault is larger than the ones found in humans. The scientist is 100% sure that the creature is an actual organism and not a hoax. They are also positive that it is not some aborted mummified fetus. Any form of dwarfism or progeria, a type of advanced aging, genetic syndrome, is not evident. According to the researchers, as indicated by Depreitere, “the creature must have been 6-8 years old when it died, probably by accident. Still, no one can understand how such a small creature could have survived in harsh conditions, such as the desert. Much less one knows where it originally comes from.”

For more information about the findings of Dr. Garry Nolan and his team, click’s website below. In there, you’ll find out if it is a humanoid or an extraterrestrial being.

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