Aliens visiting Portsmouth? UFO spotted and Met Office say it's definitely NOT a cloud

An unidentified flying object was spotted above the skies of Portsmouth, which has caused outbreak on Twitter about the characteristics of the matter. The Met Office identified the shaped object a cloud and nothing more than that. The article published Sept.2014 was updated Jan.2015.

However, the social media has been speculated that the object was “moving very fast” and as a matter of fact the locals who witnessed the odd event said the same thing. Lewis Rogers, 26-year-old local guy and as well as an animation director (who took the picture), saw the unexpected happening when he was visiting a friend in the city. He said that at first he thought it was an airplane, but then it moved very fast. Yet, he managed to take a picture before the “thing” was gone.

Rogers believes in the existence of UFOs. Sometimes he ponders upon the sky and wonder if there are other living creatures out there. Tracy Lambert, a Twitter enthusiast, tweeted, “geez, stop talking about this UFOs in Portsmouth. It could probably be aliens or something...” And she included a hash tag #pompeyufo. Since then, Twitter people started the conversation concerning the subject matter.

Next to Lambert is Phillip Catherwood, who tweeted that he is starting to become freaked out about the news of #pompeyufo. Added to that, Johhny Blackwell, 23, also believed that it was not a cloud but a moving object – fast moving object! Blackwell is not knowledgable about any military craft, but what he saw was definitely fast.

Meanwhile Lara Young, who works at the Met Office, said that after seeing the image herself, she believed that it is not a cloud or anything associated with the weather. Although government authority has not yet confirm about what the object really is, it is up to us to judge whether we want to believe the existence of extraterrestrial creature or not at all.

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