Black Forest Mini Cakes

Attention chocolate lovers far and wide, now this is something you can really sink your sweet tooth into! The next time you have a mega chocolate craving, try out this amazing recipe for Black Forest Mini Cakes! They look absolutely divine, don't they?! All of the those beautiful layers of chocolate icing, chocolate shavings, cherries and moist chocolate cake... you will be in heaven when you make and eat these little bites! This recipe comes to us from Elizabeth, from the wonderful Sugarhero food blog, where she is curator. She posted this lovely dessert to share with everyone after she got a bunch of fresh cherries and wanted something to make with them. So, to our delight, she made these gorgeous mini black forest cakes! Summer is definitely the time to get your fresh cherries. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own cherry tree in your own yard, or you have some trees or a U Pick place near by. Or maybe you have a generous friend that gives you some cherries, or even if you just buy them at the farmer's market or fruit stand, you could find yourself with more cherries than you know what to do with! So this is something wonderful that you can make with them. Such a great use for a lot of cherries.

Elizabeth says that on a drive, her and her family stopped at a roadside fruit stand and bought a bunch of berries and pounds and pounds of cherries. So naturally, she needed something to do with them all. You can only eat so many cherries after all. But if you don't have fresh cherries, you can always use store bought, frozen cherries if you like, or maybe a cherry pie filling. I think a black forest cake needs the best cherries in it personally, so I would opt for the fresh cherries for this one if I could. It seems like a lot of work to make 7 separate little cakes though doesn't it? But I guess if you are in the mood to do it, then by all means. Sometimes the best things take time, and they always end up being worth all of the work in the end.

These cakes do have a lot of steps too, so make sure you have plenty of time and patience when making these. It's not so much that they are difficult, they just have a lot of little steps. First you make the cake, then you make the syrup, then the chocolate pastry cream, then the chocolate shavings. Then, after all of that is done, you have to assemble them all, layer by layer, one by one. Each cake has 3 layers too. It would be great to form an assembly line with some outside help maybe. Either way, these Black Forest Mini Cakes, looks absolutely decadent and honestly, well worth all of the work that goes into making them. Are you feeling ambitious enough to make them? Try out these awesome looking mini cakes! Head over to 'Sugarhero' by following the link in the section below for more!

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