Cleaning a Cast Iron Stove with a Potato? Who Knew!

Cleaning cast iron can be a real nightmare. So thank heavens for this great tutorial from Off Grid Quest on cleaning a cast iron pan with a potato. People love cast iron pans, and those who don't own them might be a little put off to own any simply because of the cast iron cookware care. But cast iron pans are actually not that difficult to clean, it's just about knowing the correct ways to clean them that is the trick. So use these cleaning tips and you will be on your way to having the cleanest cast iron you have ever had. Cast iron is a very popular choice when it comes to kitchen cookware, and the people who love cast iron always seem to be die hard fans of these pans. They are an old favourite that has been used throughout the centuries on homesteads and in households all over the world. Before Teflon came out on the cookware scene, cast iron skillet cooking was what everyone did. There were cast iron pots, pans and even ovens and irons and many other household items that were made from iron. For example, cast iron bathtubs that still continue to be a favourite in old and new homes as well as tools and furniture that is created from this amazing metal.

Even many of the old, antique cast iron items are still in amazing condition, and only need a little bit of refining to get them back into shape. Cast iron cookware care can be a little tricky though, and there are some things you want to keep in mind when it comes to cast iron pans. For instance, you never want to boil water in them or add cold water to them when they're in use because it ruins the finish that makes them a non stick pan. You also never want to use sharp metal on a cast iron pan which will make more cuts and creases for food to get lodged in. There is a special tool that has been made specifically to be used to scrape the gunk off of the cast iron pans, and it is made out of a thick plastic, or silicone, or often they will be made out of bamboo or wood.

All you need for this cleaning trick is some coarse salt, some oil and a potato. Bet you never thought you could clean your pans with a root vegetable. When you're ready to clean your pan, just take some of your coarse salt, like sea salt and sprinkle some in the pan, then add in a good dollop of oil and cut your potato in half. Use the potato to clean the pan by rubbing it on the pan in a circular motion. The coarse salt, the oil and the potato all help to loosen up any stuck on food without damaging the finish on the pan. Then, you rinse the pan clean with some water and pat it dry with a dish cloth. Use some fresh oil to season the pan. This part is so important because it actually seals the pores in the cast iron, creating a smooth surface, which helps to keep food from sticking to the pan. Now your pan is ready for some cast iron skillet cooking, so get out your favourite food to fry and get cooking. You can use these cleaning tips on second hand cast iron cookware, which can be a great way to purchase high quality pieces of cast iron. Check out more awesome cleaning tips from Off Grid Quest and try them out in your own home.***

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