Copycat White Castle Sliders

Dinner can be ready in minutes with this awesome Copycat White Castle Sliders recipe! If you and your family love White Castle Burgers, you will absolutely love these mini sliders, just like off their menu in the restaurant. When you are choosing something to make, whether it would just be for a normal weeknight dinner, or for an event you are hosting, you can be sure that recipes like this one will always go over well. Recipes like this slider recipe are great because they are easy to make, cheap to buy all of the ingredients and you don't have to spend too much time in the kitchen. We all need recipes like this that are life savers for times when you are just so busy you don't have time to be in the kitchen cooking or baking all day. Jen, over at the Cincy Shopper food blog says her kids absolutely love this sliders recipe and they actually ask for it at least once a week. Jen loves it too, so she says it isn't any hardship for her to make them at least once a week, even though they have a White Castle restaurant right up the street from them.

But like most food bloggers, Jen really enjoys challenging herself to recreate the recipes she tries at restaurants right in her very own kitchen. It really makes it fun when you can make your favourite restaurant's recipes right in the comfort of your own home and that you can add in whatever ingredients you like and use the freshest and best ingredients as well. Sometimes when eating out, you just don't know where the food you are eating really came from, what else was added into it and who it was cooked by. Many times food at restaurants, especially at fast food restaurants, has added salt, preservatives like MSG to enhance the colours and flavours of the food. MSG however is not good for our bodies, so it should be avoided or at least not eaten regularly. Some restaurants also add in sugar to their recipes as well, usually to enhance the flavours of the other ingredients, while providing that sweetness everyone loves and gets addicted to so they keep coming back for more.

When you make your own recipes at home, you avoid all of these unnecessary additives and you can even make your recipe healthier if you want, as well as save lots of money in the process. For the same amount of taking a family of five out for fast food, you can have dinner prepared at home of the same quality for sometimes half or a quarter of the price. So it always pays to learn how to make copycat recipes like this one for your family! All that is needed for the sliders recipe is some ground beef, some salt and pepper, beef broth, minced onions which can be dried minced onions to save you time, cheese slices and pickles as well as nice soft dinner rolls to put them on once they are cooked. It is really interesting how Jen cooks the hamburger, I have never seen patties cooked like this before. Beef broth is mixed into the ground beef mixture and then the mixture is spread out evenly on a cookie sheet. She also pokes holes in the patties as well, which I can only assume is to allow the cheese to melt into the patty when it is added on top. The patties only take 10 minutes to cook, but they do have to sit for an hour in the fridge before they go in, so make sure you plan enough time ahead of making this recipe. The result looks awesome, just like a White Castle slider! This is one recipe you totally have to try out soon!

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