Did You Know That There Is A Reward Of $1,000,000 For Anyone Who Can Prove

Can you prove ghosts are real? Have you seen ghosts or caught them on film? Done a seance and had a spirit interact with you? Do you think that you could show some one in order to get a hefty sum of $1 ,000,000 ?! I am sure there are already people lining up to show off their super natural powers and prove to these people that a ghost exists. Why are they so desperate to know that they would part with One Million Dollars?! Maybe they are just trying to prove people wrong, but I would be interested to see what some people could come up with! Its like our society has such a draw to the unknown, weird and paranormal. Its part of our nature after all. Its almost like it would be a whole spin off of American Idol or something, for people to show their super natural skills and try to prove that spirits exist for a monetary prize. Very interesting indeed. Head over and check out the article for yourself and see if you should qualify. The comments under the page are funny to read as well, things like "God could do it but he's not interested in money or fame". What do you think would happen? Would the pressure be too much and the spirits might not show? Or some one with telekinetic skills might not be able to perform the task on other materials than their own? We may never know! It seems to me that once you are a skeptic, you will always be a skeptic unless you want to have your mind opened further and the only person who can do that is yourself. This guy James Randi seems like a hard core skeptic to me, with all the books he has written on disproving the paranormal. But maybe someone can change his mind!

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