How to Build a Bookcase

I've always wanted to learn how to build a bookcase on my own and I'm so glad to have found Popular Mechanics. It is a website where they feature tons of DIY projects, as well as a lot of stuff about the latest in science and technology. I'm a self-confessed nerd; therefore I think it's one of the coolest websites I have seen. And since I'm a nerd, itís safe to say that I have this intense passion for books. So intense that I needed to build a new bookcase, because some of them are already making a mess in my room.

This DIY article that I found was created by Joseph Truini. I have so much respect for this guy, learning that he built his first bookcase when he was still in middle school! He has built more than 60 bookcases since then. He is working for an interior design firm as cabinetmaker and being a professional in this industry, he is generous enough to share his techniques in building this awesome bookcase. He learned most of his skills from his experiences, which is why he can guarantee us that he knows what heís talking about regarding this matter.

This bookcase will appear as if itís a built-in piece because it is laid out from wall to wall. For the materials that he used, he chose a ĺ-inch birch plywood for the cases and a 4/4-inch African mahogany for the frames. This may look difficult to build for first-timers and amateurs like me in the field of carpentry and woodworking, but surprisingly, I found it not too hard to accomplish because of the detailed instructions that Joseph has shared. Itís going to be fun and fulfilling once you have finished building it.

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