How To Peel 10 Apples In 30 Seconds!

Apple fruit is one of the most marketable and favourite fruits among health conscious people. This fruit is actually packed with rich phyto-nutrients that is essential for optimal health. Peeling apples isn't actually exactly hard, but if you have to peel tons of it and you don't have any tabletop apple peeler; it could be time consuming. So, can you peel an apples in seconds using a cordless drill? It actually works surprisingly well but this is actually a messy task and you would probably spend more time cleaning than peeling. You absolutely have to watch this 37 second video. You are going to see one of the coolest fastest methods to peel apples ever. It just makes you want to do it yourself.

So, what are the materials that you will need? Below are the list:


- Some apples

- Flat drill bit and drill

- Old bicycle pump

- Potato peeler

So how it works? Get out your flat headed drill bit and see to it that it's clean. Stab the apple through the bottom and press your manual peeler against the surface of your apple and pull the trigger on the grill. Isn't it amazing? Now, reposition the peeler as necessary in order to get the rest of the skin off. Once you're finished, your apple is ready for cooking, candying and slicing.

Now that your apples are already peeled off. You may try a recipe called autumn apples. It is actually a simple recipe to do. The procedures are as follows: Cover the drill apple with pastry and fill the interior with sugar. Close the hole and put it into the fridge for about 15 minutes, this process will harden the pastry as well as to prevent it to fall while cooking. Preheat your oven and let it cook for about half an hour. Once it is done, serve it well and enjoy!

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