How to Remove Sticky Labels From Glass Bottles

There are a lot of ideas to be found for crafts that are made from recycled items, but itís sometimes difficult to decide which ones to try. Glass jars or any glass bottles can be actually reused in a numerous ways that varies from storage to crafts, but you must remove the labels first. Nowadays, water bottle crafts are fashionable, addictive work art and its handy and fun. Below are steps you might try for your first eco-friendly bottle craft project.

1) Prepare a large bowl just enough to hold the glass bottles or jars that you have. Submerge each bottles or jars into the water so the labels are soaked up and then remove each by dumping out the water.

2)Next, pour the water in the bowl into your pot and boil it gently. Add one teaspoon of any dish soap you have and pour it to the bowl along with the bottles and jars.

3)Carefully spill out the water back into your bowl and let it soak for about a longer minute until the water reaches room temperature. The reason why you need to soak the bottles and the jars is that, hot water melts the adhesive labels while the soap helps release paper from the glass.

4)Lastly, remove the bottles from the bowl by pouring out the water. After the soaking process, the labels can be easily peeled off. Use a scrub sponge in order to clean the bottle up.

Now that you have already known the easy steps, you can then search numerous ideas via internet on how to make your own design and be creative. You can either try to make a water bottle jewellery, a patriotic water bottle bracelet, a water bottle storage or plastic bottle bathroom storage, or a soda bottle chandelier of your own design.


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