How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell - NEW VERSION

This is a 'parlor trick' if ever there were one that you could have some fun with if you had friends or family visiting and wanted to have some fun with eggs. This new version of a video and article teaches you how to scramble eggs inside their shell! It's always so fun to check out new ideas or 'hacks' to make our lives easier and sometimes more fun and interesting! That is one of the great things about the internet, people from all over get to share their experiences and ideas with everyone so that we can all have an easier time at things. You can basically search how to do anything on the internet these days and a whole bunch of ideas will pop up and you can try them out to see which works the best! This is one of those great ideas that you may have never thought of before, but that would be totally fun to try out sometime, for a trick to show your friends or just for fun as an experiment.

In order to scramble an egg inside of a shell, you will need a few items such as an 8-inch long section of a 2-inch diameter PVC pipe, and rope made out of thin nylon. The video will teach you how to drill holes in the PVC pipe and feed the rope through so that you can make a device that will scrambled the eggs in the shell. Once it is designed, you can roll three eggs into a towel and place them into the tube. The system of this device causes the eggs to spin around and the speed at which they spin forces them to scramble. To check that they have been scrambled, you can place a flashlight beneath them. An egg that has been scrambled has a bright reddish tint to it when placed over light. One that isn’t scrambled would be bright yellow. Once you know they have been scrambled, you will want to place them in boiling water, but on low heat, as the previous scrambling motion weakens the shell. Once they have been boiled, they are ready to crack and eat. Pretty impressive hey? This could be a good way to scramble your eggs if you are without a bowl and really want your eggs scrambled and not fried.

If you are looking for something that is just for the fun of it, it takes a little time to prepare the device but, this is a great idea. Children will love watching you make the eggs in a unique way. Who knows, it may even transform your fussy child that won't eat eggs into a child that will! It would be a great science experiment for kids to try out and learn the different laws of physics and learn about how biology works in a way too. You could look into the different layers of the egg and guess what you think will happen. What a fun way to learn and to eat! Try it out soon!

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