Hunting Aliens by Searching for Megastructures in Space

Who belongs to the ‘alien hunting’ club here? “I do!” Well, you might want to sit down and read this article. Science has done it again! *winks* Through searching for megastructures in space constructed by aliens, some scientist might be able to find aliens. *silence* “Why did you stop? Continue! I want to know more?” Sorry, I am just thinking. Anyway, no big deal buddy. I'll give you more details about this hunting procedure and later, in the end, I’ll ask you a question that even I couldn't grasp the answers. “Tell me first, ask me later.” Good. *winks*

Through the years, scientists look for aliens by listening to strange incoming radio signals, and they hunt Earth-like planets. This time, NASA’s Kepler has decided to use a transit method. Kepler used transit method in detecting exoplanets. The same method will be utilized in hunting aliens. However, they will look for aliens’ megastructures first. There is a paper published by a theoretical physicist, Freeman Dyson in 1960. His suggestion, as cited by Markus Hammonds, is that “any megastructure constructed around a star should show itself by emitting more infrared light than it should. The solution was, simply, to look for any sources of infrared which appeared artificial.” According to Hammond, “Dyson put forward the ideas that any potentially advanced civilization may need a tremendous amount of power to sustain itself. A method he proposed is to build a vast array of satellites which would enclose an entire star to harvest its energy – a concept which later comes to be known as a Dyson sphere. While the concept isn't taken too seriously by Dyson himself, it was a powerful enough notion that it garnered a lot of attention.” So Dyson sphere enters in this alien hunting. This has remained a theory. However, Geoff Marcy, an American astronomer, and professor, is granted an award to hunt for proofs of Dyson spheres. This time, we will put everything in the hands of George Marcy.

“Wow. Can I join the team? This hunting is so awesome!” Well, you can call George Marcy and ask him yourself. *winks*Anyway, here come my question(s): why are they hunting aliens? If ever they find them, what will happen next? What will happen to us? What will happen to the world? *silence* Now that’s a lot of queries. But these are the questions that WE SHOULD all think about. I’ll give you ten years to answer those. For now, you can click Open Mind’s website below to read more.

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